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At Whiterose Blackmans we are here to help. Our 24 hour solicitors in Leeds can assist you at all stages from arrest, through to representation in court proceedings. Our highly specialised team of emergency criminal defence solicitors are on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week responding to emergency calls for clients. We go the extra mile for our clients to make sure we are always available out of hours to attend police questioning or if you are in detention at a police station. We will provide prompt help, advice and attendance.

In the event, you are facing interrogation for a criminal offence, Whiterose Blackmans should be your first port of call. We are renowned in criminal law and we have 24 hour solicitors on call to handle your case. We can inform you of your legal rights and then work with you to decide on the best criminal defence strategy to handle your individual needs. Our expert team of emergency 24 hour solicitors focus on preparing the most effective defence for each client based on the complexity of your situation should your case go to court.

24 Hour Police Station Defence Solicitors in Leeds

Legal advice is imperative at police stations because what you say or do can have a profound impact on the future outcome of your case. It is therefore important that you are represented by an expert in criminal law who will defend and protect your position. If you haven’t sought legal advice before being released on bail it is important you do so whilst on bail.

We are available for legal representation in police stations so you know you can call one of our highly trained emergency 24 hour solicitors on 07740 823266 or 07852 338579

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    Emergency support for families of the accused

    We also offer emergency 24 hour solicitors to third party clients providing helpful simple concise and accurate advice on the best way to proceeded with their case because we know how stressful it is when a loved one is remanded in police custody,

    A robust defence for anyone is a fundamental human right in the UK, and our highly trained 24 hour solicitors are known for tirelessly fighting for each and every client to establish innocence until proven guilty and ensuring your’ best interests are met. Our lawyers have strategic expertise, and are known for their outstanding client service in criminal law cases.

    Criminal Defence Solicitors You Can Trust

    We operate with complete discretion and do not judge, we vow to defend all cases no matter the crime to the very best of our ability to ensure that every client of ours receives a quality of criminal defence. Under the British judicial system every person is entitled to a legal defence, no matter what the crime.

    When your liberty and reputation is at stake, you need the best criminal lawyers and you can reply on the Criminal Lawyers at Whiterose Blackman Solicitors LLP.

    You don’t have to be based in Leeds to use our company, we work with clients throughout the West Yorkshire, it doesn’t matter where you live. We have clients in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Castleford, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Harrogate, Halifax and beyond!

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