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Our criminal law solicitors regularly deal with public disorder allegations and convictions.

Public disorder or a public order offence is considered to be an act that compromises the safety of members of the public or prevents society from being able to function in its normal manner.

There is a wide range of criminal offences that can be categorised as Public Order offences. These can range from less serious cases such as being drunk and disorderly to more serious offences such as riot and hooliganism.

Contact our friendly team of expert criminal defence solicitors if you’re arrested or charged with any Public Order offences to secure professional and reliable legal representation.

We frequently act for clients who have been accused of the following behaviours:
- Violent Disorder

- Anti-Social Behavior

- Affray

- Threatening Behaviour

- Hooliganism

- Street Fighting


- International Harassment, Alarm or Distress

- Drunk and Disorderly

- Riot

Excellent success rates in public order defence


Being accused of a public order offence can be a highly stressful and worrying time. We are here to listen and to help. For free initial legal advice call 0113 2165507 or 0330 9122228

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