Drink Driving – driving the morning after!

 You have a night on the tiles and consume more alcohol that you would care to remember. You wouldn’t dream of driving home that evening, however, the next morning you hop into the car and head off as normal, to work, the school run or just nipping to the shops. Has the alcohol you consumed the night before left your system? Are you safe to drive? Have you thought through the consequences should you be caught drink driving?
The Department for Transport has recently reported some alarming statistics which demonstrate the danger of driving the morning after a night out drinking. According to the government department, in the region of 5,500 motorists FAIL morning breath tests each year, the majority being the result of moderate to heavy drinking the night before.
Among the details released by the Department for Transport was information relating to cases involving drink driving in 2013, which showed that 740 accidents took place the morning after an evening of alcohol consumption.
Imagine if this was you? What would be the personal consequences if you had been caught drink driving?
Also some research by ‘Think’ a campaign run by the Department for Transport to raise awareness of road safety and of the hazards of drug and drink driving, indicated that a third of drivers were oblivious to the fact that driving the morning after drinking just 4 pints of beer or 4 glasses of wine could result in a failed breath test. It’s alarming!
So, how long does it take to break down alcohol in the body?
On average, it takes the body one hour to break down one unit of alcohol. On the basis that one pint of lager you have drunk may contain 3 units of alcohol (as may 1 large glass of wine), that’s 12 units that the body will have to break down having consumed 4 pints of lager (or 4 large glasses of wine). So if you have had a late night and you drive in the morning you can see how it is likely you will be driving and be over the legal limit.
It is of little surprise that in these Department for Transport statistics for 2014, the number of failed breath tests throughout the year in GB between 6am and 11am show a sharp rise on Saturdays and Sundays, and, to a lesser degree, on Mondays, also. Food for thought?
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