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If you have been charged with a speeding offence, it could have minor or major repercussions depending on the severity. At Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors LLP in Leeds represent motorists who have been charged with a range of motoring offences including speeding offences.


Common Motor Offences


Most motorists within the UK will receive a speeding ticket (NIP) at some point throughout their lifetime of driving. At some point, most of us will find ourselves creeping above the speed limit, and with speed cameras on most major roads today, it is easy to find yourself with a speeding fine. The sentences for these speeding offences can range from a speed awareness course with 3 points and a £100 fine to a lengthy disqualification from driving.


When prosecuting an individual for a speeding offence, it is the prosecution who must prove their case against you in order to gain a conviction. If you accumulate 12 penalty points as a driver within a 3 year period, you could be disqualified from driving.

Motoring offence matters we frequently deal with;
Below are some of the types of motor offence matters we regularly deal with;

- Speeding

- Driving without a licence

- Driving whilst disqualified

- Driving with no insurance

- Drink Driving

- Driving without due care and attention

- Dangerous/Careless driving

- Traffic light & seat belt offences

Motoring Fees

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Free Initial Discussion


At Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors LLP, we offer a free initial legal discussion. This means that you can contact us to discuss the circumstances surrounding your case and we will help guide you to the best path to take. If you are in a situation where your licence is at risk, and as a consequence of this you may lose your job, then we understand the stress and worry this may cause. We are here to help and we can assure you that we will act efficiently on your behalf to build the most robust defence case possible.


Excellent success rates in speeding offence defence


Being accused of a speeding offence can be a highly stressful and worrying time. We are here to listen and to help. For free initial legal advice call 0113 2165507 or 0330 9122228

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