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Serious Crime lawyers Leeds

Serious Crime Defence Lawyers


Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors LLP act in the defence of people who have been accused of crimes of a serious nature.


We would undertake the detailed preparation of the defence case where matters proceed to trial. This would involve a detailed assessment and examination of the prosecution case devising the defence case for our client, this normally involves obtaining evidence from witnesses.


In cases where a client would decide to plead guilty, we assist in the preparation of detailed mitigation for presentation before the court in order to assist  the sentence. We advise on all costs of proceedings.

Serious crime lawyers Leeds – Frequent cases
- Armed Robbery
- Brothel Keeping
- Child Abuse
- Child Grooming
- Corporate Manslaughter
- Drug Importation
- Drug Supply
- Historic sexual offences and abuse
- Human Trafficking
- Murder & Manslaughter
- Possession of Indecent Images of Children
- Rape
- Robbery
- Serious Fraud
- Sexual Assault
- Terrorism
- Theft

Excellent success rates in serious crime defence


Being accused of a serious crime can be a highly stressful and worrying time. We are here to listen and to help. For free initial legal advice call 0113 2165507 or 0330 9122228

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